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Total IT Solution

Flora Limited one of the leading Technlogy companies in Bangladesh, is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of IT products to satisfy day to day needs and enhance people's quality of life. True to its vision of offering world-class computer products, Flora has expanded its business in the field of Software development, Communication, Networking and call center as well.

Looking Beyond Horizon

We are living in a challenging time. No matter where we live, the action of one group of people affects the living of other. The West is striving very hard to improve living standard through technological development. We in the East, particularly in the underdeveloped countries, cannot afford to hopelessly remain aloof from the technological developments taking place around us. If we do so the gap between us will simply widen making us even poorer. For underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh, fortunately there is a silver lining in the story. That is, instead of investing in the basic research, which is very costly and time consuming, we can leapfrog and gainfully utilize the technology already perfected. Yet another built-in advantage is the huge untapped human resources. Recognizing these two major advantages we in Flora Limited have dedicated ourselves in upgrading the knowledge and skill of our people through adopting the technology which has swept the modern day office through automation. The office automation, telecommunication and use of computer have increased efficiency to a degree unthinkable in the past. By making good use of these technological developments Flora Limited to-day looks beyond horizon mainly through upgrading the knowledge and skill of vast untapped human resources.

“Always provide the best quality products and services to our customers” – this has always been the motto of Flora Limited. Flora Limited is one of the largest IT companies of Bangladesh. It started it’s journey on 1st April 1972 and since then has been considered the pioneer of IT industry in Bangladesh. From selling palm top calculators to providing complete IT solution ( both hardware and software ), Flora Limited has come a long way. It was incorporated as a private limited company in August 1975 and took over the going concerns of Flora Enterprise and Trinity Enterprise. A vast experience of 45 years combined with 36 branches, 300+ work stations and more than 800 employees who’re all well qualified, trained and experienced Engineers and certified by internationally reputed companies like HP, CISCO and SYSTIMAX, 3M, MICROSOFT, CA, Epson, Canon, Roland, Olympus, Nikon, MSI, APC and BenQ.. All our offices are connected through our own VSAT which ensures all time communication among them. Flora Limited is a name of success in Retail, Corporate & Distribution sales segment. In order to ensure top quality products we’ve catered more than 36 world renowned brand under our wing. Among the other equipment, we have high-end Network printers, scanners, Large Format printer, gaming PC solution, VR solution, Software solution Digital Copiers and fax etc.