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Veritas NetBackup

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Veritas solutions focus on information, not infrastructure. It's comprehensive 360 approach to multi-cloud data management provides protection, availability and insight everywhere your information travels.


Veritas Backup Exec gives you simple, complete backup and recovery protection for your business—to cover all data wherever it resides.

Brand Veritas
Product Type Enterprise-class backup and recovery suite for large Enterprise Customers
Version NetBackup 8.1
Language Supported English International
OS Compatibility Server - Supported UNIX Operating Systems-HP-UX, Solaris, AIX Server - Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems- Windows 2008/2012 Server - Supported Linux Operating Systems- Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Linux, Asianux/RedFlag Client - Supported UNIX Operating Systems- HP-UX, Solaris, AIX Client - Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems- Windows 2008/2012, XP/Windows 7/Windows 8, Storage Server 2008 Client - Supported Linux Operating Systems- Red Hat, SUSE, Open Enterprise Server, Asianux/RedFlag, Debian/CentOS/Ubuntu Client - Other Supported Operating Systems- OS X, OpenVMS, FreeBSD Supported Hypervisors There are numerous possible combinations of hypervisors that may occur; this list is provided as a general supported list of hypervisors for NetBackup. HP-UX Integrity VM, IBM VIO Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, Solaris Zones, Solaris Logical Domains, VMware ESX, VMware vSphere
Feature 01 "Comprehensive—As a single, unified solution to protect all of your data assets, NetBackup provides support for virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, application, and cloud platform used in the enterprise today."
Feature 02 Scalable—High performance, intelligent automation, and centralized management based on a flexible, multitier architecture enables NetBackup to adapt to the growing needs of a fast-paced, modern enterprise.
Feature 03 Integrated—From backup appliances to cloud storage, NetBackup integrates at every point in the technology stack to improve reliability and performance.
Feature 04 Innovative—With hundreds of patents awarded in areas including backup, recovery, virtualization, deduplication, and snapshot management, NetBackup continues a long tradition of bringing advanced technologies to market first. No backup software has won Best of VMworld as many times as NetBackup.
Feature 05 Proven—For over a decade, NetBackup has led the industry as the most popular enterprise data protection software by market share and is used by many of the largest enterprises on the planet. When you need your data back, you can trust NetBackup.
Feature 06 One of the hallmarks of enterprise IT is its heterogeneity. The wide variety of platforms, applications, and infrastructure often grows with the size of the enterprise. NetBackup supports a vast array of environments and integrates with every layer of the infrastructure stack to unify your entire data protection strategy.
Feature 07 • Operating systems—NetBackup integrates with dozens of server operating system (OS) versions, including Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® files. • Virtual systems—NetBackup integrates with leading hypervisors including VMware vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V. • Databases and applications—NetBackup integrates with leading relational database and application platforms, including IBM DB2®, Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, SAP®, and others. • Storage systems—NetBackup protects data at the storage system level by integrating with various snapshot, replication, and NDMP facilities from EMC®, HP, Hitachi, IBM®, NetApp®, and others. • Cloud platforms—NetBackup supports the backup and recovery of workloads within virtually any cloud environment by using NetBackup infrastructure hosted within the cloud.
Feature 08 A lot has changed since the days of traditional tape backup. Enterprises now have many choices where they store backups. NetBackup integrates this diverse collection of storage targets without compromising manageability. • Cloud storage—NetBackup supports a growing list of third-party cloud storage providers such as AWS, Microsoft® Azure, Google, and SwiftStack that can be easily incorporated into NetBackup policies. • Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA)—NetBackup uses its OST interface to integrate with a wide range PBBAs. • Disk—Ordinary disk volumes can be organized into disk pools under NetBackup control. • Storage system snapshots—NetBackup can orchestrate hardware snapshots using proprietary capabilities from vendors such asNetApp and EMC. • Tape—NetBackup brings mainframe-class media management to a massive selection of supported tape drive and robotic hardware configurations.
Feature 09 It’s not uncommon for IT organizations to report data growth of 40-60 percent per year. To keep up, you need backups that run as fast as possible without disrupting production activity. NetBackup combines innovative design with the latest technical advancements to deliver impressive performance numbers with minimal impact. • Accelerator—Eliminate full backups once and for all. With Veritas NetBackupTM Accelerator, only changed blocks are backed up each time. These blocks are combined with previous backups to synthesize a new full backup for quick recovery. • Snapshots—Let the storage system run backups for you. With Veritas NetBackupTM Replication Director, snapshots are orchestrated, cataloged, and replicated using storage technologies from vendors such as NetApp and EMC.
Feature 10 Whether backing up a remote office, a cloud-hosted workload, or a customer site as part of a backup service, backups over a wide area network (WAN) or the Internet must be as efficient as possible. NetBackup leverages the latest change tracking and deduplication technologies to make these backups not just possible, but practical. • Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices—Veritas NetBackupTM Virtual Appliance is an integrated solution deployable for remote offices. It provides simplified and secure data protection in a small footprint at lower cooling and power costs. With built-in deduplication benefits, you can significantly decrease storage and network utilization. • Extreme data reduction—By combining Veritas NetBackupTM Accelerator change tracking with Veritas NetBackupTM Intelligent Client Deduplication, backup traffic is further reduced and full backup seeding is noticeably faster. WAN optimization can further increase performance by as much as ten times when backups are transferred to the primary site.
Feature 11 The unthinkable happens. Services are down and the clock is ticking. There’s no time to waste: it’s time to recover from backup. NetBackup is ready with fast, reliable recovery options to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible. • Instant Recovery—Recover VMs by booting them directly from backup disk. • Snapshot recovery—Roll systems back to an earlier point in time by recovering an online hardware snapshot. • Veritas NetBackup Bare Metal RestoreTM —Quickly prepare a physical system for restore, eliminating the need for manual reconfiguration. • Veritas NetBackupTM Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)—NetBackup Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) indexes the contents of data sources, making it easy to restore specific items without endless trial-and-error restore attempts.
Feature 12 No business will survive if it keeps its data in one place. Protect your business from natural disasters and site outages by keeping a copy off-site or in the cloud. NetBackup can help you automate disaster recovery (DR) readiness regardless of what storage or transport method is used.
Feature 13 Experienced IT professionals know how difficult it can be to deploy or upgrade backup systems. Not only do backup servers and storage require their own care and feeding, but backups interact with just about every server, storage, or network component. NetBackup eases this burden and offers a fully integrated, turnkey appliance that combines software with server and storage. • Agentless backup for VMs—Agents within VMs are unnecessary for backups, greatly simplifying the deployment and maintenance of backup software across a virtual environment. • NetBackup appliance family—For the fastest deployments, consider deploying NetBackup appliances. NetBackup appliances come preinstalled with all necessary hardware and software components and can be set up within minutes
Feature 14 With constant pressures of relentless data growth and escalating service requests, IT is always challenged to do more with less.NetBackup helps you maximize staff productivity so you can invest more in your core business.
Feature 15 No successful organization stands still. There are always improvements to make, processes to optimize, and costs to reduce. NetBackup provides extensive reporting and analytics to help understand past results and clarify the road ahead. • Point-and-click operational reporting—Veritas NetBackupTM Ops Center quickly identifies tape drive utilization, success rates, and unprotected areas across NetBackup, and provides contextual reporting based on line-of-business, geography, or application across a heterogeneous environment. • Long-term trending and analysis—Better predict backup storage consumption by tracking growth rates over time, including pre- and post-deduplication, for easier ROI tracking, and deduplication rates.
Feature 16 Veritas NetBackup™ 8 reduces the staggering complexity of enterprise data protection through a unified solution built on converged infrastructure, scales with relentless growth through best-in-class performance at petabyte-level capacity, and paves the way to IT-asa-Service through convenient, self-service operation. It lays the foundation for universal data management, enabling rapid visualization of data and accelerating cloud adoption with minimal risk. As IT transforms from cost center to business enabler, NetBackup is engineered to solve the diverse challenges of today and tomorrow, and ultimately give organizations the confidence to move faster and take bigger risks trusting that their information will be safe.
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Veritas Backup Exec gives you simple, complete backup and recovery protection for your business—to cover all data wherever it resides.