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Blazerpro 600VA

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Part no # Blazerpro600

Centralion UPS guarantees high reliability, Provides Discharge, Overvharge, and Overload Protection Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to Stabilze input voltage.

৳ 3,600

Blazer pro 600, 360 Watts / 600 VA, Input 230V / Output 230V.

Capacity 600 VA / 360 W
Input Voltage 110/115/120 VAC or 220/230/240 VAC
Output Voltage 110/115/120 VAC or 220/230/240 VAC, Regulation: +/- 10%
Frequency Output : 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Frequency Regulation Batery Mode +/- 10%
Voltage Range Input: 81-145VAC/162-290 VAC
Product Size 12V/7AH x 1 pc
Recharge Time 8 hours to 90% after compelte discharge
Backup Time 15-20 minutes
Interface Support Windows family, Linux, IBM Aix, Sun Solaris, Compaq True64, UnixWare, FreeBSD, HP-UX and MaAC
Protection Full Protection of Discharge, Overcharge, and Overload Prtection
Transfer Time Typical- 2-6 ms
Waveform Type Modified Sinewave
Environment 0-40ºC, 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Alarm Yes: Audible Alarm
Noise Level Less than 40dB
Dimension DxWxH (mm) = 330x100x140
Weight 6 kg
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Blazer pro 600, 360 Watts / 600 VA, Input 230V / Output 230V.

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