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With Samsung MagicInfo VideoWall you're seeing the future of LFD communications. Simple, versatile software lets you display content exactly how you want, for sharing instantly, wherever you are. Inspire, engage and enthral audiences in thrilling new ways, including switching the display from horizontal to vertical for maximum impact. Expand your vision by extending the video wall in any direction, using up to 250 LFD units to create the world's largest video wall, while still enjoying perfect HD quality across the entire display. Plus you can schedule content and manage devices and applications quickly and easily, via one intuitive, remote interface.

Can Make The World's Largest VideoWall

Create a vast and vibrant visual experience with the power to configure your video wall to 250 screens, the world's largest single display. Enjoy control of audio-visual effects individually, screen by screen, for maximum impact.

Irregular Video Wall (Art Wall)

Experience total freedom to design a fully customised and flexible video wall, as you turn or pivot each screen to create your vision. Versatile, compatible functionality allows any combination of Samsung LFD screens, regardless of model, size, resolution or bezel width. Personalise your display with stunning shapes and innovative installations.

Send PC Screen To VideoWall

Increase the impact of your message, by adding more perspectives. In real time, integrate multiple live screens from external devices like PCs and Samsung IP cameras, with pre-loaded videos and images, tailoring the technology to display your content perfectly.

Interactive Move, Zoom Easy & Quick Scene Change

Organise and customise content freely from a simple, centralised control panel. You have the power to perfectly position, edit, zoom and resize content on-screen, efficiently, in real-time. Plus you can quickly and easily integrate multiple images and a vast range of resolutions to achieve the exact effect you want.

Samsung Signage Software For Content Management

Move between platforms and formats with ease - because MagicInfo VideoWall is compatible with a comprehensive range of Samsung Signage software, such as web-based, error detection logic and remote diagnostics.