October 16, 2005, was a night to remember. Flora Limited and Epson held the Flora-Epson Corporate Night 2005 on Dhaka Sheraton. Witnessed by many dignitaries, the show was a knockout.

    Mr. Mustafa Shamsul Islam addressed the audience on the Epson Digital Studio concept which has swept the country and created a new breed of entrepreneur. People all across the country are now starting up digital studios with very little money and making a decent living. Flora has trained over 6000 people and over 600 digital studios are already in business.

    Mr. Tetsuya Tsutsumi, General Manager of VI Sales Division, Epson Singapore said Flora means EPSON and EPSON means Flora in Bangladesh. He thanked the Bangladeshi customers for embracing Epson and Flora for its fabulous sales performance.

    Mr. Nurul Islam, chairman of Flora Limited reiterated the importance of customer care and their alliance with Epson. Flora has continued to grow for the last 33 years and provided a vision where it will be in the future.

At the end there was a heart warming concert by Kumar Biswajith, a dazzling laser show and dinner.